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Trinos Menswear offers eclectic fashion forward style for all ages.

Trinos Menswear carries both slim fit and classic fit clothing. Trino’s is all about the fit and not a one size fits all store. Quality merchandise at a fair price, a stylish mix of designers be it cutting edge or a classic look with a subtle twist.

Men's Fashion Clothing Regina

Trinos Menswear continually researches the latest fashion trends to bring a unique, diverse and invaluable product to its customers.


Trinos Menswear

Trinos Mesnwear carries these
Men’s Fashion Lines


Nothing can quite change the look, feel and confidence of the contemporary man like the right fitting suit.

Whether you’re a corporate juggernaut looking to sharpen your look for the competition or a cubicle aficionado who can crunch numbers and dominate inter-office memos all with a sense of style, the suit is the cornerstone of looking downright dashing. With a history full of creativity and versatility but mired by tradition, finding the suit for you can seem like an arduous and unrelenting journey of dressing rooms, tailors and less than honest salesman. It doesn’t matter if it’s $300 or $3,000, seersucker or cotton, centre or side vent. At the end of the day, all that matters is how it fits and looks on you.

Does it hug your shoulders and straighten your back? Does it contour to the shape of your body? Do you go with a two or three button? Slim or wide lapel? That’s why you’re here; to let us sift through the muck of plaids and pinstripes to find that suit with the perfect trim and the elegant detail that fits your body not just comfortably, but like a second skin.

We carry all the tops brands including:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Calvin Klein
  • Horst
  • Stones
  • S.Cohen
  • DKNY
  • and more..

What’s the first thought that springs to mind when you hear sports coat? Smoking rooms and hunting; tweed fabric and a perpetually rustic appearance. Pockets with stylish flaps, two or three ticket pockets and a material softer than your suit jacket. Checkers or stripes, herringbone pattern and no matching trousers.

That about sum it up? Good. That’s exactly what we want. Forget the blazer with its relaxed, almost lazy fit and its Neapolitan nature.

What if we want a little more style, a little more class without fishing out the suit and losing the casual comfort we’ve come to expect? Well, gentleman, let me introduce you to the Sport Coat.

Similar to a suit jacket, a respectable sports coat will straighten those drooping shoulders after a grueling day of work and since it looks so darn good, you might confuse yourself for royalty. Sorry about that.

With brands like Ted Baker, Stones, DKNY, Calvin Klein and more….to choose from, its always smart to think about what purpose your sport coat will serve.

Will it be the weekend warrior where you can get a little creative or the yearly globetrotter that basks in the glory of neutral colours? But almost as important as the jacket itself is what you wear with it. Complimenting that sharp and debonair sports jacket is trickier than it seems. But wait, we carry more accommodating apparel than we know what to do with. How splendidly convenient.


Remember the puffy shirt? The dandy pirate look with its frills and flamboyantly billowing collar?

Sorry, you’ll find none of that here, friends.

A good shirt like a good pair of pants is the building block of feeling comfortable, looking good and whisking beautiful damsels off their feet. Well, maybe not that last part but with countless variables so easily overlooked, finding the right shirt can be quite perplexing.

Klauss Boehler or Polifroni Blu easy care? Au Noir, Bertigo or 7 Downie St.?

Mother-of-pearl or the gauntlet button? Spread, Button-down, Straight or Tab collar? Single-needle or double-needle stitching? The options can be daunting or downright confusing and we haven’t even considered the variety of colours to choose from.

Take a minute, relax and breathe easy. We’ve got you covered. We’ll find you a shirt that fits so well you’ll convince yourself that it was made for you specifically. That’s just how good we are.


You can never go wrong with a classic.

A nice pair of black dress pants may be simple but it can be the most versatile and useful piece of clothing you have. They go with just about everything and they always look good. But the commander of dress pants is only as good as his comrades. How about a grey, navy blue, brown or beige. Bored with the same old bold colours? Think about some pinstripes or checks.

There’s the comfortable cotton, the lightweight wool and the versatile cotton-blend. Do you want a slim, straight legged or loose fit? Regardless of what you’re after, every pair will suit each person differently. With so many styles, sizes, colour’s and brands in our inventory, take your time to find a pair that works for you. And if you find that you just can’t quite decide, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.


Ah, denim. One of humanity’s greatest inventions.

Comfortable, stylish, durable, affordable; everything a man needs. Whether you’re lounging on the couch watching the game, fixing that leaky faucet or out for drinks with friends, denim jeans are the perfect choice for almost any situation. But denim is only a piece of the pie. We have khakis, shorts, flat-front, wools and washables.

If you’re looking for comfort, variety and style then you’ve come to the right place.


Only fifteen years ago the thought of male accessories would have seemed like a joke.

Sure, we carry wallets, wear watches and wedding rings but not much more than that.

But times change. Now we have smart phones, laptops, tablets, camera’s and maybe even a book or two. For the modern man, a bag can be a friend and a saviour. Something comfortable, not too bulky that looks sharp and solidifies your personal style. Leather, polyester or polyamide. Messenger, duffel or backpack. The choice is yours.

Nothing compliments that slim fitting suit or that elegant pinstripe shirt like a necktie. Whether you’re looking for a day-to-day tie or something with a bit more style and creativity, if you’re wearing a collar a good tie can really cement a stylish outfit. We have dozens of different patterns, styles and colours to choose from so you might find that one just isn’t enough.

A belt does more than just keep our pants from falling down. It can help to accentuate a well-balanced outfit; it can add some boldness to a casual style or help strengthen a more conservative, dressy style. Always keep the belt buckle in mind; it can make or break any outfit.

Boxers or briefs?

The classic male quandary. Boxers are a suit’s best friend and any loose-fitting pants. They have an array of patterns and designs, a working front fly and an exceptional freedom of movement but do have a tendency to bunch up.

Briefs, on the other hand, are a bit more snug than boxers, work great with any style of jeans and are a solid choice for long periods of sitting or physical activity. Then we have the boxer brief, a simple hybrid of boxers and briefs that offers the snug and protective support of briefs with the versatility and comfort of boxers. With every type of fabric you could imagine, dozens of styles and patterns, you can be assured that Trino’s has everything you need to safeguard those most precious of assets.

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